Crowdfunding project: Hong Kong Martial Arts Living Archive

As you know, technology has changed the way the world works, and it is now helping to preserve the most precious cultural heritage of our times – Kung Fu. The International Guoshu Association (IGA) collaborates with the City University of Hong Kong’s Applied Laboratory for Interactive Visualization and Embodiment (ALiVE) to build the Hong Kong Martial Arts Living Archive. It is the first-ever project using groundbreaking 3D motion-capture technology, popularised by Hollywood blockbusters, to document Hong Kong’s intangible cultural heritage. The Archive aims to make a comprehensive and precise documentation of Hong Kong’s martial arts traditions, which will have great importance for future teaching and learning of this precious art form. The IGA has launched a crowdfunding campaign on FringeBacker to garner public involvement and support, offering creative and rewarding experiences such as Kung Fu master class training, dining with Kung Fu celebrities such as Sammo Hung and Tsui Siu Ming, patronage of 2015 HK International Kung Fu Festival, and many more. You will find details of the initiative here http://fringebacker.com/hkmartialarts

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