UPDATE: Sonnen vs Silva TUF Brazil fight

More details on the brawl came out via FrontRowBrian, a ticket industry operative who also operates as something of a guerilla MMA reporter. He has a good relationship with Sonnen so that could well be his source:

FrontRowBrian ‏@FrontRowBrian1 hr

Chael and Wand were fighting. Chael was on top of Wand. Wand's coach comes and punches Chael in the back of the head. He's okay though

FrontRowBrian ‏@FrontRowBrian1 hr

#TUFBrazil has been an clusterfuck from literally day 1. Horrendous move by to even do this. Chael/Wand fighting not even most shocking part

FrontRowBrian ‏@FrontRowBrian11 mins

Details RE Chael/Wand fight. Wand threw looping punch, Chael ducked, double legged him. GNP. Then Wand's goon punched Chael bk of head

rontRowBrian ‏@FrontRowBrian11 mins

And then a bunch of people swarmed in and broke the whole thing up. #TUFBrazil

FrontRowBrian ‏@FrontRowBrian8 mins

No. His head is sore though. RT @iamKokoD@FrontRowBrian @MMAG33K was Chael knocked out by the cheap shot?

FrontRowBrian ‏@FrontRowBrian2 mins

The coach who punched Chael Sonnen in the back of the head was Andre Dida. Used to coach Shogun too. Fought in Dream.

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