Huge brawl erupts in Kuwait when fans hop in the cage after KO

Gladiator Fighting Championship: Legacy went down over the weekend in Kuwait and it featured a title fight between champion Jarah Al-Fadli and Mohammed Al-Deie. Despite the amount of showboating displayed from Jarah Al-Fadli, a chin will not be able to withstand a strike directly to it, as illustrated in this clip. Jarah Al-Fadli went down, Mohammed Al-Deie became the champion -- and then all hell broke loose inside the cage. Jarah Al-Fadli was pretty bitter about being knocked out, so when he regained consciousness he ran across the cage to attack Mohammed Al-Deie. There corners started to get in the way of the two fighters, and then the fans flooded into the cage and brought the ruckus to every human being in the vicinity.

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