Anderson Silva: I'm going to give back the knockout

Anderson Silva Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson appeared on Ariel Helwani's The MMA Hour, and explained how he plans to beat current champion Chris Weidman on Dec. 28, said he doesn't need a devastating win over Weidman to prove he is the best, and said Steven Seagal is not his coach. "I (will) give back the knockout," said Silva. "I’m working hard now. Chris is the new champion and is a great fighter, but I'm training hard. The new Anderson is coming." "I (will) train more jiu-jitsu because Weidman come to fight me and (won’t) stand up together in this fight. Go for the ground, go for the ground. I train more jiu-jitsu, and ninjitsu." "I'm working hard for a long time. My big goal is train the kids, new athletes coming. I’m normal guy. Sometimes I have good day, sometimes I don't have good day. People will have the new chance to see the real Anderson. It’s normal." "I have a good relationship with master Seagal. He is a great man, great master, but I worked hard the front kick for a long time. I started martial arts and my first master showed me the movement. I've trained Capoeira, Taekwondo, but one day master Steven Seagal came to the academy, watched the training, watched my front kick and said ‘you move (to) the left’ and that's it. (He doesn't) showed the kick and bla, bla, bla. He's not my coach, he's my friend."

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