The Victorium MMA

By Giovanni Lemm
The MMA market is a fickle one and sometimes the gap is hard to fill depending on the region in which you live.
The U.S. which really exploded the sport, though the impetus was in Brazil, is constantly evolving
and flooding the market with fighters and shows. The question....or the problem, is whether
or not these shows or fighters are worth the money, the time, the exposure, and of course helping the
sport grow.
With the emergence of shows everywhere and the fact that the 'Independent' fighter is the premier
fighter at many shows the belief, (at least to those of us from the beginning) that it is not doing the sport
any favors in terms of still national and international acceptance, but that is waters down the legitimacy of
those who truly want to make this their career and sole purpose to make mma the premier sport in the world.
In terms of exposure, there has been no sport that has emerged from the ashes of near bankruptcy to the
ever emerging sport that it is today. And we can thank Dana White. Love him or hate him he is the true reason that
people have gotten its taste of the UFC and those who want to follow in White's and the UFC's footsteps.
That includes me.
The Victorium MMA
Now to The Victorium:
The next chapter in the best show in Virginia and soon the U.S.

With some of the best fighters in the region, The Victorium has prided itself and bringing to the state of Virginia a taste
of what an all pro show feels like. The majority of events in Virginia are amateur and have only had a handful of pro/am and now
the first fully pro event is here...and it plans to stay. So much so that even other events are debating on whether or not they should
enter the fray.
Another way that The Victorium tries to set itself apart is that is sponsors a different charity at every event..on this show
will be a Leukemia foundation and the former show sponsored the Special Olympics.
Also, entertainment is a huge part of The Victorium.
On its last card were bands such as Thy Will Be Done, Saint Diablo, Liquid Black, N4Red The Boogeyman, and Strike The Chord And Burn.
Performing inside the cage is something the bands and crowd love. It gives fan base of people that may not have liked MMA before an
opportunity to see the sport for what it is - hard working athletes, who possess skill, athleticism, a will to win, and a desire to entertain.
Here is a look at the card:
Bryan Robey  vs Samir Farid  Which will be the first 115 pro fight for males in the United States since MMA began.
Samuel Eure  vs Craig C-Machine Yerkey
Matt Coleman vs Wompstomp Wampler

Jeremy Boardwine vs Brian Nielson
Joe Hipps vs Chris Rodriquez
Justin Rodger vs Mike Hodges
Tony Horn vs Bobby Sopko
Marcus Daniels vs Huiber Garcia
Jeff Peterson vs Brett Glass

Angel Ortiz vs Dustin Carroll