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Heroes FC 1 premiered in Halmstad, Sweden Saturday night and it was a night full of action.

Swedish veteran promoter Marko Gyllenland and editor in chief for the Swedish Fighter magazine did great job creating a mixed event
with both MMA and Muay Thai fighters. As he explained it during the post event press conference this way both MMA and Muay Thai fans visit the events.
All future Heroes FC events will be mixed MMA/Muay Thai events.
Heroes FC2 will be held in Helsingborg, Sweden the 28 of September.



  • 65,8 kg: Michel Ersoy defeated Robert Naess via decision (3-0)
  • 83,9 kg: Marcus Andersson defeated Jonathan Salminen via armbar in Rnd 1
  • 63 kg: Lina Länsberg defeated LJ Adams via decision (3-0)
  • 70,3 kg: Christopher Wassberg defeated Kristoffer Källgren via submission (rear-naked choke) in Rnd 1
  • 70,3 kg: Guram Katateladze defeated Jonathan Svensson via knockout in Rnd 3
  • 77,1 kg: Per Franklin defeated Tim Waage via TKO (broken leg) in Rnd 1
  • 77,1 kg: Andreas Ståhl defeated Abus Magomedov via submission (rear naked choke) in Rnd 2
  • 120,1 kg: Yosef Ali Mohammad defeated Viktor Pesta via decision (2-1)
  • 61,2 kg: Martin Akhtar defeated Emil Hartsner via decision (3-0)
  • 83,9 kg: Allan Love defeated Alan Carlos via submission (guillotine choke) in Rnd 2



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