Dos Santos: 'I have to be careful' against Mark Hunt

"I do not pick opponents, so for me no matter who is the guy who'll face. I just need to know a time before to prepare for this opponent. When Overeem jumped out, found the excellent UFC have put another wrestler, because I can not wait for the fight. The guy is not champion, is nothing. If he was champion, I still hold on, "he said in an interview with World of Fight program, complementing. "I have placed great UFC Mark Hunt, and I admire him very much for having accepted the fight, since he just fought. I admire and appreciate, because I want to fight May 25 and will happen thanks to him. " Mark Hunt is a spectacular knockout over Stefan Struve, when he broke the jaw of the opponent and hitched a sequence of four consecutive wins in the organization. Aware of its dangers, the protégé of Luiz Dorea said that the strategy will work to win again in the UFC and was keen to praise his challenger. "Mark is a very tough guy, beating strong. I have to be very careful. He has been champion in K-1, faced the best in the world and won exchangers. I will work hard to strategy, I have learned a lot in my career. I guess now I know see things a little better and hopefully I can use it in this fight. "

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