Askren offers takedown challenge to GSP, White

Ben Askren Askren's blunt critiques on Twitter have prompted a swarm of responses from St-Pierre fans. Few are complimentary, but the 28-year-old laughs it off. "I don't event read them," he said. "I scroll though them. But I've got so much harassment from GSP supporters this past week that it's hilarious." Askren even issued a challenge to UFC President Dana White. He said at the next UFC Fan Expo, he wants to wrestle St-Pierre for $1,000 per takedown. He was even willing to give White, a known gambler, 3-to-1 odds. He got no response. ("Maybe I'll make him another offer – 5-to-1. Maybe he'll think that's fair," Askren joked.) "I think obviously if we fought, I'd create scrambles I'd win," he said. "And the other thing we saw – and I know (trainer) Firas Zahabi is making excuses – he got tired. He got really tired in the third, fourth and fifth round against Nick Diaz. But Diaz just doesn't have the power to put GSP on his butt or put pressure on him. "Nick Diaz just didn't have the skill set he needed to beat him. I do"

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