White declines Benson offer to superfight GSP

"I wrestled and cut weight six months, seven months out of the year since I was 12 years old," said UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson in 2011. "It’s kind of getting old. I don’t like it so much anymore." Now, according to a report from UFC Tonight on Tuesday evening, Henderson has asked to face UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre following his bout against Gilbert Melendez at UFC on Fox 7 in April. The UFC has made no secret in their desire to put together a series of super fights with middleweight champion Anderson Silva either facing welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre or light heavyweight king Jon Jones. However, just moments after his request was revealed, UFC president Dana White shot down the idea. "No, that's not going to happen either," White said on UFC Tonight. "Ben Henderson, it's not going to happen, he just won that title not too long ago. There's plenty of guys in the 155 pound division to defend the title against, and a possible fight with Aldo, if Aldo moves up and stays at 55. A possible fight with Pettis a couple of fights away again." "There's not going to be all this jumping around. I don’t blame Ben Henderson for wanting to go to 170, that's the big money fight. The big money fight is Georges St-Pierre, everybody knows it. If you're not fighting him you want to be fighting on his card." Read entire article...

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