Dan 'The Beast' Severn announces retirement


Happy New Year to all. The year has come to an end. It is usually during the week of Christmas, and New years hat I am the slowest. It gives me time to reflect, and take a look at the goals I set for this past year, to see how I did, and to look adding any new goals for the up-coming year.

I will no longer be stepping into the cage as a competitor. The number one goal I set for myself in 2012 was to be finished with my Mixed Martial Arts competition career. I was attempting to do my own self-directed retirement tour in the last couple of years reaching out to only three people...Mark Coleman, Ken Shamrock, and Royce Gracie. I spoke to two of them directly (Mark & Ken), and through representative (MGR) for Royce Gracie. It seems as though these matches will not take place for whatever reasons and my life now goes on to the next chapter.

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