White: I've been arrested a few times

“I can say I’m a lot more mellow. If you took the first six employees I had and interviewed them about how I was and how I ran this company and blah blah blah, and then you took six people that work for me now, you’d have very different (expletive) stories. Very different stories.”

“I hang out in low-key places.”

“I’m not looking for any new friends. This dude, me and this dude, have been friends since we were 12 years old. A lot of the people that I hang around with are the people that I’ve been friends with since I was a kid.”

“Yes, I’ve been arrested a few times. Nobody’s ever asked me that — ever asked me that. I’ve been arrested for assault. I got into fights when I was a kid. Street fights. Drinking as a minor. Stuff like that. Normal stuff that people get. I never robbed any banks or anything like that.”

“Felt like a failure? Hmm. I don’t know. You know this guy, I talked all this (expletive) about soccer, and that guy challenged me, that guy challenged me to soccer? I haven’t called him back yet. I keep putting it on the back burner, to play this soccer player at soccer. Because I know I’m going to fail miserably at that. So I think I haven’t failed because I’m avoiding failure (laughs). I’m (expletive) hiding from it.”

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