Wanderlei Silva: I'm back in 2013, maybe at 205

lan Oliveira: What did you think of Anderson Silva’s showing at UFC 153?

Wanderlei Silva: I think every sport has a guy who is different. Soccer had Pele, Formula 1 had Ayrton Senna, and MMA has Anderson. He is different, but it did not start now. He trained at a gym in a small neighborhood in Curitiba and was very dedicated. You don't make an Anderson Silva in one day. The lesson he leaves is the self-dedication. He who trains like Anderson Silva has many chances to be like him. Do not let success or the money that comes with winning change your mind. He has been a UFC champion for so long, and he still trains hard.

IA:  Did you get nervous seeing Anderson dodging Stephan Bonnar’s punches that way, when some blows connected?

WS: The risk there was that he might be hit on the chin and knocked out, but Anderson is a man secure in what he does; he's on another level. He serves as an example for many people, for young fighters like Jon Jones.”

IA: When do you want to fight again, and in what weight division?

WS: I want to either fight a catchweight bout at 198 pounds (93 kg) or at light heavyweight. At middleweight, I’m very hungry (laughs). Right now, I'm doing weight training and some shadow boxing. I'm kind of on vacation now, paying attention to the family, but next year the Wand is back.

IA: Whom would you like to face when you return?

WS:  I'll face whomever the UFC wants.

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