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Ring girls of World Series Of Fighting

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UFC Legend Tank Abbott Talks MMA, Tito Ortiz, Frank Shamrock, Oleg, Don Frye and More

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Badr Hari to be charged with attempted manslaughter, facing possibly 10-years in prison

Things have been up-in-the-air for the bad boy, Badr Hari, as he has been in jail awaiting sentencing for quite a while now. It appears that the courts have decided what to do with him, and if you are a Badr Hari fan, it does not look good for him right now. The charges to be levied against the former K-1 fighter who recently attempted to switch gears to professional Boxing before returning to the Kickboxing ring in May is that of Attempted Manslaughter.

If you are wondering about the kind of evidence they have against him, they have DNA evidence from a towel that they found and there are also nine open cases against Badr Hari right now. Of course, the most serious is the Attempted Manslaughter of Koen Everink in July, and it looks like with the evidence that they have and his past history, things might be looking bleak for Hari. The court is going to attempt to put Hari away for ten years, which would effectively mean the end of Badr Hari's career as a Kickboxer, Boxer or anything else in the world of combat sports. [Source]

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Cesar Gracie: Gilbert Melendez 'hopefully' won't require shoulder surgery, return unknown

Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez was forced out of his last bout withPat Healy due to a shoulder injury, which led to the cancellation of the event. Another event cancellation followed, but Strikeforce GM Scott Coker said they'd put on a stacked card in January. Will Melendez be on that card? According to his coach Cesar Gracie in an interview with Tatame, no one's really sure when he'll be back:

"I've been with Gilbert this week. He received the result of the MRI and hopefully will not need surgery. He will probably go through a lot of physical therapy, which he has been doing. I do not know when he comes back, but he will as soon as possible and he would like to face Pat Healy, because that was the fight he had in mind before he got hurt."

There's also the possibility that Strikeforce isn't even around anymore when Melendez is fully recovered. Gracie thinks that he'll probably fight in SF again, but wouldn't be surprised with a quick move to the UFC:

"It seems that he will come back to Strikeforce, but with the recent history the organization may end. And to tell you the truth, we do not know what will happen yet. A lot is depending on Showtime. I hope Strikeforce will continue, but if not, I can see Gilbert going to the UFC sooner than expected. Melendez still has four fights on his Strikeforce contract, but you have to remember that the UFC owns Strikeforce, so it does not matter much. If they want him to migrate to the UFC, they can do it anytime."

I tend to think that Strikeforce will survive long enough to see at least one more Melendez title defense. But I'm an optimist when it comes to SF, so who knows.

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Why Nick Diaz wants to fight Anderson Silva

In four months Nick Diaz will be eligible to return to the Octagon, following a one year suspension for failing a Nevada State Athletic Commission administered recreational drug test at UFC 143.

His trainer and manager Cesar Gracie has use the time wisely, trying to line up big matches; none is bigger than UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva.

"Nick really wants this fight because he has great admiration and respect for Anderson as a fighter," explained Gracie. "Anderson Silva is a true martial artist, he studied martial arts, is a great representative of the sport. Nick loves martial arts and that, for him, is enough to put Anderson Silva as the opponent."

"I heard Dana White's statements saying that Nick will have to fight someone before having another chance at the title shot and there are a lot of fighters out there who would love this fight."

The most likely title shot on Diaz's horizon is against the winner of UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre vs. Interim Champion Carlos Condit, which takes place at UFC 154 on Nov. 17.

Still, anything can happen in MMA.

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Wanderlei Silva: I'm back in 2013, maybe at 205

lan Oliveira: What did you think of Anderson Silva’s showing at UFC 153?

Wanderlei Silva: I think every sport has a guy who is different. Soccer had Pele, Formula 1 had Ayrton Senna, and MMA has Anderson. He is different, but it did not start now. He trained at a gym in a small neighborhood in Curitiba and was very dedicated. You don't make an Anderson Silva in one day. The lesson he leaves is the self-dedication. He who trains like Anderson Silva has many chances to be like him. Do not let success or the money that comes with winning change your mind. He has been a UFC champion for so long, and he still trains hard.

IA:  Did you get nervous seeing Anderson dodging Stephan Bonnar’s punches that way, when some blows connected?

WS: The risk there was that he might be hit on the chin and knocked out, but Anderson is a man secure in what he does; he's on another level. He serves as an example for many people, for young fighters like Jon Jones.”

IA: When do you want to fight again, and in what weight division?

WS: I want to either fight a catchweight bout at 198 pounds (93 kg) or at light heavyweight. At middleweight, I’m very hungry (laughs). Right now, I'm doing weight training and some shadow boxing. I'm kind of on vacation now, paying attention to the family, but next year the Wand is back.

IA: Whom would you like to face when you return?

WS:  I'll face whomever the UFC wants.

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Randy Couture: Chael Sonnen has a great opportunity to defeat Jones

"I'm not terribly surprised on either front really," Couture explained on Spike TV's MMA Uncensored Live. "I think at the end of the day it's a business decision. This is a business, and Chael Sonnen is going to bring it and hype up any single fight he's in. I think Jon Jones, in denying him on the short-notice eight-day fight, made it inevitable they were going to have to fight at some point. I think I would've taken eight-days training camp rather than a full training camp, but I'm not Jon Jones."

Sonnen's selection especially has drawn widespread criticism from fans and fighters who feel he unfairly jumped to the front of the pack on the strength of his promotion skills. "The American Gangster" is listed as high as a 4-to-1 underdog on numerous sportsbooks, however Couture, who long trained alongside Sonnen at Team Quest, believes people are gravely overlooking his chances.

"Chael has a great opportunity to win this fight actually," Couture said. "Technically I see a similar style fight as Anderson Silva. If he wades through him and makes Jon Jones wrestle him the entire fight, I think he can win that.

"He can do it, but he needs that gameplan. He needs to make it a wrestling match, start to finish."

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Bellator's Rebney: Hector Lombard got 400k signing bonus

Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney said that Bellator has made free agent Eddie Alvarez an offer, and that if he accepts it, he stays in the Bellator fold. If he doesn't, Rebney will allow him to bypass the remaining 70+ days of the exclusive negotiating period and take his talents to the open market, where he will no doubt be MMA's hottest commodity.

If that happens, Rebney expects the situation to resolve itself quickly as the UFC is likely to swoop in with an offer, and Bellator will have a chance to match it.

Rebney went through it six months ago with Hector Lombard, who was at the time Bellator's reigning middleweight champion. In that instance, Lombard hit the open market, where he was immediately offered a lucrative deal with the UFC.

Rebney said that contract, which according to him paid Lombard a $400,000 signing bonus, a $300,000 starting purse per fight and pay-per-view participation points, was cost-prohibitive from Bellator's standpoint.

If the UFC came in with a similar offer for Alvarez, it is believed that would make him the highest-paid 155-pounder in the UFC.

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Dana White trashes shitiest round in TUF history,' says NSAC should be embarrassed by scoring

Dana White lets The Ultimate Fighter cast, Nevada State Athletic Commission and anyone else involved with this week's episode of TUF have it after arguably the worst fight in series history.

Last night's Ultimate Fighter saw one of the worst fights in series history (in fact, Beau Dure suggested it was exactly that). Michael Hill beat Matt Secor in the polar opposite of a barn burner and the fight didn't go over well with UFC president Dana White.

Here's what White said during the recap of the fight on the show:

"That first round would probably have to go down as one of the shittiest rounds in TUF history. One punch was thrown by each guy and then a bunch of laying around. The first round, maybe they didn't hear me say, "This is 2 five-minute rounds." This is a fight! You've got two fucking rounds to win this fight! At the end of the first round, I gave Matt that round. They said to me, "No, no, no, mike won that round." I wouldn't argue it. Second round, if you don't give that round to Matt...I don't know what you're doing. There was no doubt who won that round. [3rd Round], nobody is fighting with a sense of urgency! Nobody is fighting like they want to fucking win. Are you on summer vacation right now did you come here to win this show, become the ultimate fighter, make it into the UFC, and become champion someday? Why did you come here? This isn't fucking summer camp!"

But Dana didn't stop at criticizing the fight, he also took the wood to the Nevada State Athletic Commission for their scoring of the bout:

"That is fucking beyond comprehension. The judges handed me the piece of paper and I'm like, "You gotta be fucking kidding me." If that doesn't keep someone from judging ever again, nothing should. I had a hard time walking up there and reading the score. Even the blue team is pissed about the outcome of the fight! The Nevada State Athletic Commission should be embarrassed. No matter what side of this decision you're on it's bad."

What little I've watched of this season has been an embarrassment to the already fading legacy of TUF. And Dana seems to be on board as the show closed with him going to the house to explain to the fighters just how disappointing they've been and telling them to "turn it up a notch" if they want a chance to fight on the finale card.


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Meltzer: Why Jones vs. Silva is good for MMA

That's why I've been amused all week by the horror about the planned Jones vs. Chael Sonnen fight, particularly the line that it is bad for the sport. There are fans who don't like it. Fans have the prerogative to like and not like what they want. They don't even need a valid season. People will hate Cruz vs. Barao because of their size, or simply because they have no idea who Barao is and don't care. There will be people who hate that Sonnen is getting a title shot in a division he hasn't fought in for years, and coming off a loss at a lighter weight class.

Fans have a right to support whatever they want. If they aren't intrigued by the fight, they don't have to buy it. But bad for the sport?

This is an old argument, but people need to come to grips with what is bad for the sport. What is bad is when nobody cares, when the sport is not covered, and when people outside the MMA core fan base are barely aware it exists. That's bad. Bad ratings. Bad pay-per-view numbers. Television loses interest in promoting it past the fringe sport level. All bad.

Unless something changes, Cruz and Barao are not going to be all over ESPN. Joe Sixpack Monday Night Football Fan who may watch two or three UFC shows per year and make the difference when shows do more than 700,000 buys, may not even know who Cruz is, and almost surely doesn't know Barao.

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