UFC 151 was at least a $40 million dollar hit for all parties involved

While people can debate forever on who was right or wrong, and who deserves what blame for the cancellation of UFC 151, there is no question who financially is taking the biggest hit.

While Jon Jones may make a few less bucks, since he fights on a pay-per-view percentage, facing Vitor Belfort as compared with a fight with Dan Henderson or Chael Sonnen, whatever losses he suffers are paltry in comparison to those of the UFC itself, as well as the cable and satellite industry throughout North America, and countless businesses in Las Vegas.

When Dana White was interviewed by Ariel Helwani on Tuesday night's UFC Tonight show, he noted the company had already spent $2 million in marketing costs for UFC 151 at the time the decision was made to pull the plug, because Jones wouldn't agree to face late replacement Sonnen. But that's only a tiny part of the picture. For UFC, the irretrievable losses incurred by the event not taking place will almost surely be well into eight figures. One source in UFC estimated the figure at $20 million. And that is just for the company.

There are similar losses when it comes to a number of businesses in Las Vegas like hotels and restaurants, taxis, clubs, and weekend gambling revenue from those attending. There is also a somewhat conservative estimate of $7.5 million in losses that won't be made up for both cable and satellite companies throughout North America based on projections for what would have been the revenue from UFC 151 and UFC 152, which will now only be revenue from UFC 152.

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