Stann explains why he left Greg Jackson's gym

“The shift has gone great. When I’m here in Atlanta, I’ve got an extremely great group of guys – I brought in a great group of guys. There’s a lot of focus, there’s a lot of eyes on every single round I’m putting in. There’s a tremendous focus on drilling and practicing technique every day; it’s an environment that I found where I’m improving in every area faster than I was previously.”

After a stretch where it seemed like all the top fighters in each division were migrating to a small number of “super camps” around the country, Stann believes we’ll see more elite athletes choosing to downsize in the future, opting to receive more focused, individualized training, rather than competing for attention and coaching alongside other title hopefuls and titleholders.

“Fighters, when they get to certain levels, it’s difficult to train for a big fight when you’re in a gym where there are 15 other guys training for a big fight. Sometimes you can get lost in there, and there’s not enough individual attention on what you need to accomplish technically in order to prepare for your fight.

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