Dana White Wonders If Jon Jones Felt Like A Piece Of Meat When The UFC Bought His Bentley

UFC president Dana White recently sat down with the always entertaining Jim Rome to discuss all things UFC.

During the interview Jim addressed the Jon Jones situation and asked Dana White to comment on what Jones had been saying.

Here is a snip from the interview:

Jim Rome: “Jon Jones said he felt like he was treated like a piece of meat by the UFC.”

Dana White: “I wonder how the piece of meat was feeling when we bought him the Bentley.”

Later White unfavorably compared Jones to Stephan Bonnar and Chael Sonnen.

Dana White: “Silva called to say ‘Hey Boss, I’ll fight at 205 and save the show in Las Vegas on 8 days notice’ but it was a few hours too late. So when this happened, I called him up and he stepped up and said ‘Absolutely, I’ll fight. I only have 3 weeks to make 185 and can’t do that right now. But I will fight at 205. And I thought, how can I find someone at 205 willing to fight him when we couldn’t find at 205 willing to fight Jon Jones on a month’s notice.

“Then I get a call from Stephan Bonnar and he is pumped. He says that Silva is the perfect style for him and he wants this fight more than anything. Does this fight make sense? Of course it doesn’t. But the bottom line is that Anderson and Bonnar stepped up.

“The biggest shocker about Jon Bones Jones not fighting is that he was coming off of a long camp and ready to fight Dan Henderson. He was ready to go for a fight and Chael, who hadn’t been training and was smaller, was willing to fly to Vegas that night to face him.”

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