Bisping: Weidman #1 for KO of a fat, amateur Munoz??!?

UFC President Dana White on Thursday declared Chris Weidman the Middleweight division's No. 1 contender.

Michael Bisping feels otherwise.

"Weidman has got an undefeated streak going, and Dana is the president of the company, so far be it from me to disagree and tell him he's not the No. 1 contender," said Bisping. "It's his company, but I don't think so. Weidman has a good streak going, and he's got a lot of hype around him at the moment, but I never rated Mark Munoz in the first place."

"He knocked out a fat Mark Munoz, who was out of shape and coming back off a long layoff because of injury. Not that impressive if you ask me. In fact, before that it was Demian Maia – and again, it wasn't impressive. Demian Maia looked terrible in that fight, but so did Chris Weidman. 'Oh, he cut this amount of weight.' Well that's his f------ problem. That's not an excuse, is it? You looked s---, plain and simple.

"He elbowed a fat Mark Munoz and now he's the great white hype? Just because he elbowed an out-of-shape fat man? Yeah, he's got a streak, and that all counts – undefeated, et cetera – so I suppose you can see the logic, but I disagree."

"You could look at the skills and say I could box his f------ head off, as we. I've certainly got better wrestling than he's got boxing.

"Just because he landed one elbow on an amateur? I've trained with professional boxers, and trust me, I more than hold my own. I could have a career in professional boxing, no problem, professional kickboxing – f--- it, if I wanted to be a professional wrestler, I could be a wrestler, as well."

"He may just come up short against Boetsch (at UFC 155). I think Boetsch might be a tough matchup for him. Boetsch is a big, strong boy. He's not the most technical of guys, but he's a big, tough, durable guy. He's not to be written off.

"When I was to fight at him, I was looking at that as a dangerous fight. It certainly wasn't a given. He's durable. That's not a given fight for Weidman."

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