Belfort: Jon Jones has five minutes to beat me

Vitor Belfort gave ESPN an intriguing insight into his approach to UFC 152's main event, revealing he is preparing for a five-minute fight - not a five-round war.

Belfort meets Jon Jones for the UFC light-heavyweight title on Saturday in a contest that was arranged at short notice. The Phenom had been scheduled to fight at UFC 153, but was fast-tracked forward three weeks in order to replace Dan Henderson.

As a result, the possibility exists that Belfort has not had a 100 per cent perfect training camp for Jones, but the Brazilian does not appear concerned. Belfort has not been to a decision in five years, and he does not anticipate that record changing against Jones.

Armed with rapid hands and one-punch knockout power, Belfort admits he will be disappointed if he hears the klaxon for the end of round one, because that will mean he has not done his job properly.

"As far as I know, I'm there to fight five minutes," Belfort told ESPN. "If, after five minutes, nothing gets done we have another five. Then I'll have a minute's rest and then another five. One more minute's rest and then another five... so as far as I know we're only going for five minutes - and then we see what's next.

"Every day I look at my children and I tell them I love them more than I did yesterday. That's how I treat life, that's how I treat fighting. Every day, every moment is my last."

Belfort, who is predominantly a boxer allied to a slick jiu-jitsu base, follows an illustrious list of strikers to face Jones, with Mauricio Shogun Rua, Rampage Jackson and Lyoto Machida all beaten. What makes Belfort different? "Everything," he says.

"They are who they are, and I am who I am. We have different fingerprints, we have different morals. Everyone is different.

"When me and Jones step in that cage, it's 50 per cent for him, and 50 per cent for me. Things can change right away, and that's why I need to be smart and alert."

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