Wanderlei Silva Interview

Following the UFC 150 post fight press conference UFC President Dana White confirmed that Wanderlei will compete in the UFC again. Wanderlei comments on his next bout and reveals the conformation of opponent and date is close but he can’t disclose the information.

“Next fight is close, but unfortunately I can’t tell you already. I can’t give you the name nor the date, but it’s been handled.”

At UFC on Fox: Shogun vs. Vera in the main event Shogun eventually knocked out Brandon Vera in what was a well contested bout. Wanderlei comments on his friend Shogun’s performance.

“I’ve seen many people criticize Shogun’s gas, but what people don’t understand is this: Shogun was trying to rip Vera’s head off since the first second.”

Wanderlei also admits he did not expect Vera to perform so well and he thought it would have been an easy win for Shogun.

“We have to stress out Vera surprised us and a lot, he made Shogun’s win look bigger. Honestly, I thought Shogun would win easier, I thought it was an easy fight.”

“He came a little dangerous but not a lot. He came back and knocked the guy out in almost 20 minutes of fight, punching a lot to knock him out. It was a really good performance of Shogun’s.”

Shogun’s cardio has been called into question as of late and when asked if Shogun should rethink his training Wanderlei stated he was impressed with Shoguns camp and gym Evolucao Thai.

“His and Sergio’s (Moraes) gym, Evolucao Thai, is getting huge. You gotta mention these guys on the story, right (laughs)? Evolucao Thai is a growing team and it already has the most important thing a team needs: good coaches. Dida and Sergio are good, each one in one area. They are really good and I was happy for them. I wanted to do another training camp with them. Or maybe I’ll bring them here, I don’t know. But it was really a good training camp.”

There has been talk of a potential bout between Shogun and Gustafsson recently and it is a bout Wanderlei would like to see scheduled to bring the best out of Shogun.

“With him I wouldn’t be surprised. I told him that a long time ago: ‘Shogun, you need a classic. Classic is that fight against a big guy. It was a classic against Quinton Jackson. He ran over Quinton Jackson. Back then, Rampage was even bigger than Henderson and he smashed him.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if with this next guy – if it’s really him – he does the same he did with Quinton Jackson and prove to the world he is prepared for a title shot. I guess he is the right guy for the job and I believe in Shogun.”

“I guess he’s going to beat this guy up like he did with Vera but easier, because this time was hard. He can defeat this guy in a way people go like “oh fuck, Shogun is back.”

Finally with UFC 151 just around the corner Wanderlei gave his thoughts on the bout between UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones and Dan Henderson.

“I guess it’s a very interesting fight. Dan Henderson has always been a dangerous guy, he’s coming from one of the best sequence of wins in high level in all times.”

“There’s no one with victories like that: Fedor, Feijao, Shogun and another great one.”

“He is coming from a good sequence. Can you imagine if he does that with Jon Jones ? Lands that right powerful hand. So, anything can happen, but Jon Jones – for his reach and since he is also on a great streak – play Dan Henderson around. I wouldn’t be surprised in case it happened. Dan Handerson is a dangerous guy though.”

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