Sonnen rooting for Belfort, hints at change of opponent

The outspoken Chael Sonnen never fails to surprise. After news of Jon Jones’ decline of a fight with him to then take on former champ, Vitor Belfort at UFC 152, Sonnen actually seems to praise the man he once criticized as a ‘chicken and a liar.’


“Vitor’s an excellent fighter,” Sonnen told media following Rumble at the Roseland 65, an event he promotes under the name Full Contact Fighting Federation. “It’s world champion after world champion that he fights, and this isn’t any different. It’s a good chance for Vitor, and I hope he seizes the moment.”

Sonnen went on to touch on the recent news from Jones’ camp that Sonnen in fact knew that Dan Henderson would likely pull out of the fight and how he would ‘pearl harbor’ sneak attack on the champ, late notice.

“No, I definitely wouldn’t use a word like that,” he said. “If there was any word to describe what happened in that 48-hour period, it would be surprised. Maybe even one step further of disbelief.”

When asked on his thoughts on Jones’ decision to turn down UFC 151, we instead hear a cryptic message of ‘attacks from within the camp.’

“We’re used to being attacked by competition,” he said. “We welcome it. We’re used to being attacked by the states because it’s an opportunity to go in and educate them. But what we’re not used to is being attacked from within. We’re not used to having one of our own set off a grenade and walk away laughing and never look back. It was really kind of an unbelievable experience from where I stand.”

Sonnen goes on to hint that there will be big news coming out shortly that may change his upcoming opponent.

“We’ll see,” Sonnen said. “There’s going to be some news coming out on me soon. We’ll see how things play out. Stay tuned.”

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