Shogun TKO's Vera in the 4th round

Los Angeles – Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (21-6) is back  in contention in the light heavyweight division with a victory over Brandon “The Truth” Vera (12-6-1) at UFC on Fox. It was a four round war, going back and forth before Rua was able to cap it off with the TKO by punches against the fence as his opponent balled up from strikes. Here are the full play by plays of the match.

Round One:
No gloves touch and Vera lands to the body. Takedown by Shogun and Vera quickly reaches for the kimura. Shogun able to move to side control. After some softening, Shogun transitions to side control, but Vera able to get it standing. Guillotine attempt for Vera and he is all in but loses it after some heavy breathing by Shogun. Not in half guard, Shogun rains down some heavy punches. Vera looks to escape and gives up his back. Shogun looks to continue dropping bombs from the top. Vera sneaks an elbow as the round ends.

Round Two:
Shogun quickly lands an inside leg kick. Vera rocked by a flurry of hooks by Rua. Vera is now responding with counters that back up Shogun as he looks to gas. Big Left lands for Vera but Shogun quickly responds. The two are putting on a war in a right. Big right lands on Vera’s chin but he’s still standing. Vera eats a few more shots before clinching. Crowd is now chanting Vera. Take down trip for Brandon Vera. Now in half guard Vera is looking to sneak in shots. Ref. is warning Vera to work or he will stand them . Round ends with Vera pumped in top mount.

Round Three:
Vera is coming out aggressive with the flying knee that sends the two to the cage. Vera grabs the thai plum but Shogun quickly attempts to sweep. Shogun clinches and gives a big knee to Vera. Vera responds with a combos back to back. Vera now putting it all together landing some big strikes. Shogun intelligently takes the clinch and gets a trip. From half guard Rua is able to drop some hammer punches. The round ends with Shogun on top.

Round Four:
Elbow lands in the inside for Vera. Shogun grabs a thai plum and lands to the knee then the head. They break loose and Vera is now using the elbows in close with success. Shogun lands a big uppercut and back in it like that. Shogun is backing up Vera against the fence with strikes and Vera drops! Shogun finishes it as Vera balls up on the floor, Herb Dean waves it off.

official: Shogun Rua defeats Brandon Vera via TKO (punches)  – Round 4, 409

Prior to the bout President Dana White said with an impressive victory, either man could be in line for a title shot. It’s unclear at this point  if Rua had done enough to impress the matchmakers into handling him the title fight.

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