Mayhem Miller arrested, naked in Church in Orange County

No, we’re not kidding. TMZ.com is reporting that early this morning Orange County police reportedly found the former Bully Beatdown host entirely nude in a church in Mission Viejo, CA during an investigation of a burglary.  When first arriving on the scene police moved in with caution as they found white fire extinguisher spray marks on the walls of the church. The place was also reported to be trashed with CDs, books and broken pictures. The former UFC fighter has been booked on burglary charges and is currently in custody.

Miller was recently also heard from in a public twitter quarrel with his former boss Dana White. White later admitted to regretting his comments as he is aware of Miller’s personal mental issues.

And as the tweeting went on, you saw – that kid’s on medicine, said White. He has some issues, and the last thing I want to do is have that kid more bummed out and depressed than he already is.

Miller has not been reported intoxicated as of now. More on this as it comes in.

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