Dana White: Next UFC division added either 115 or Women's

Once, there were no rules, and no weight divisions. Now, MMA is the world's fastest growing sport, and the next weight division may be female.

UFC President Dana White believes the organization will soon add one more division to its ranks, and he's comfortable stating that it won't be super heavyweight.

And while White has previously stated he believes that new division will most likely be at 115 pounds, the UFC boss now says the continued success of Strikeforce women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has him second-guessing his stance on women's MMA.

"I am warming up to women's MMA," White said on Tuesday during a Metro PCS-hosted fan chat.

Just as he did on Saturday night, White made it a point to note that not only is Rousey currently carrying the torch for women's MMA, but fighters like Miesha Tate, who engaged in a thrilling three-round fight with Julie Kedzie on the evening's preliminary card, are also helping to reshape his opinion of women's MMA

White stated on Tuesday that the UFC would likely add one more division to its ranks before shutting down the growth of its weightclasses. And while the UFC boss has previously claimed that would likely be at 115 pounds, he gave pause when asked if 115-pounders or women were most likely to get the final nod.

"Either," White said.

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