Cormier: If I beat Mir, I should get a title shot

“I would like it to be for the Strikeforce Championship because I’d like to actually put that  belt on my mantle too – if I’m lucky enough to beat Frank and retire as the last Strikeforce Champion. I think it should be for the Strikeforce Heavyweight Title. If they find it within themselves to make it for the belt, I’d be very pleased.”

Daniel added that when he does enter the UFC, his name should be near the top of the list for title contenders.”I want to throw my name into the hat, if I’m able to get past Frank Mir,” he said. Then he made sure to remind the UFC brass that he’s on his way to come make some noise in the organization. “Hey guys don’t forget about me over here. I’ve been chuggin along and if I get through this fight, that’s three top ten guys in a row. I should be in line for a belt. I should get a shot at either of those divisions.”

If Cain does beat JDS and ends up holding the heavyweight title, Daniel said he’d like to fight Jon Jones at light heavyweight, or in a super fight, depending on the circumstances. “A lot of it depends on the Cain situation,” Cormier said of the possibility he drops to fight at 205 and gets a title fight against Jon Jones. “Standing across the cage from that guy would be great for me. I’d love to do at some point in my career. Even if I am maybe the heavyweight champion and there’s a chance to make a super fight, we could figure something out him and I, because I would not back down from that opportunity.”

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