Chad Mendes faces battery charges from bar fight in July

UFC featherweight Chad Mendes seems to be facing some serious charges in Kings County, CA. The District Attorney’s office has announced that they will seek to prosecute the 27-year-old fighter, which could lead up to six weeks in county jail and $2,000 in fines. Probably not the worst of it for “Money” Mendes however as the former top contender could also be facing termination from the UFC as we’ve seen fighters in the past released for much less.

Prior to the filings by the D.A., Mendes had adamantly refuted the charges as untrue rumors. Now that the alleged victim has came forward, the D.A. seems to have what they need to proceed.

“The victim felt lucky to walk out with just a contusion after being punched by Mendes,” Assistant Sheriff Dave Putnam said.

Mendes has been said to promise to meet with law enforcement shortly. No other comments have been made by Mendes or his camp at this time. Arraignment in court is currently set for Sept. 19.

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