UFC 146: Frank Mir Received TUE For Testosterone Use For Junior Dos Santos Fight

It wasn't long ago that everyone began talking about how fans and media could breathe a sigh of relief after the Nevada State Athletic Commission e-mailed the press to say that all UFC 146 fighters' drug tests came back clean. It appeared there'd be no controversy on that front.

And then Larry Pepe tweeted this:

NSAC's Keith Kizer confirmed to me that Frank Mir met all requirements for & received TUE for TRT for UFC 146 fight against JDS.

This, of course, has led to a considerable amount of reaction.

Update: Josh Gross tweets: "Frank Mir was blood tested several times, including morning after losing to JDS. Keith Kizer said the May 27 result showed ~1:1 T/E ratio."

Mir joins the ranks of men like Dan Henderson and Chael Sonnen as fighters who claim to "need testosterone" to function at normal levels. The NSAC appeared to set up a slippery slope when it granted Sonnen a TUE for hisUFC 148 bout with Anderson Silva and then asked him to act as a sort of "ambassador" for TRT.

I'm not going to go into a long rant again about this, but it remains mind blowing to me that these hyper athletes and huge men are somehow unfairly lacking testosterone.

I'm deeply happy that Mir didn't get the win for the reaction it would have caused, however.

I also think that the TUE's should be made very public before events take place so that we know exactly where each fighter stands heading in.

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