Randy Couture Boosted His Testosterone Levels Using ‘Natural’ Products

Randy Couture managed to remain a top contender in the Light-Heavyweight division even at the age of 47 he took on top Light-Heavyweight Lyoto Machida. Machida defeated Couture via KO at UFC 129 and the win ultimaley gave Machida the chance to fight for the title against Jon Jones. Although defeated Couture managed to stay close to the top of his sport without the use of TRT and opted to boost his testosterone level through natural methods.

TRT has been a hot topic in the sport recently and here’s what Couture has to say on the subject. Couture also discusses how he increased his own testosterone using the natural methods as mentioned above.

“Well, I understand it, there is this whole movement out there for anti-aging. And it started out with guys in their 50′s who, naturally, as you get older your testosterone levels deplete. Your body quits producing more.

They want to feel, recover and do the things they did when they were younger. I understand that. But, I think there are natural ways to jump start your body’s own production rather than to put an external source of testosterone in your body. I think putting the external in only compounds the issues that you’re already having. Obviously Chael and Marquardt, there has been several athletes that have used TRT. I think for them, it’s not a function of really having depleted levels of testosterone, it’s wanting to have testosterone levels of a 21 year-old again because when you were 21, let’s face it, you recover better, you’re probably going to compete better, especially if your 32 and you have that experience going into a fight.

So, I understand it, I chose a little bit different path in trying to find natural ways to boost my own testosterone levels and my body’s own production. I used the XCAP program, resveratrol, those natural products that forced my body to produce more, and seeing a doctor that’s going to regulate where your levels are. So you know, they designate what the top line is for a natural human being. And unfortunately, if you get carried away with TRT, you’re going to cross that line and you’re going to come up positive in a test.

In our profession, to be banned from making a living for probably a year, and trashing your reputation, it’s really not worth it. I just think there are alternative ways of doing things. If you’re that concerned about really monitoring where your levels really are, make sure that you don’t cross that line. I want my body to do what it’s supposed to do. Obviously, as I get older it gets harder to do that, but I can still make it to do it, I just got to be more diligent about it.

That’s just my opinion. That’s one of the reasons why I formed the XCAP supplement program. I have been using it for seven years; I competed till I was almost 49, I’ve probably pushed it farther than anyone is going to push it for a while. So, I think everybody is going to make their own decisions about it. I think if it’s done smart and done wisely, there is nothing wrong with it, but I think you run the risk of shutting your own body’s production down even more. In the long term, that’s going to be a detriment to you.”

With Couture managing to compete without TRT well into his 40′s and opting to use natural methods to boost his testosterone should we see TRT banned ? Or do you agree with fighters using TRT ?

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