Chael Sonnen gets upset when asked about steroids and criminal past & hang up during an interview

UFC Superstar Chael Sonnen was on 750 AM's Bald Face Truth with John Canzano and it went like many Sonnen interviews before. After some standard talk about Sonnen's upcoming rematch with Anderson Silva, talk of the first fight between the two and a little flattery by Canzano who says he eats at Sonnen's "Mean Street Pizza" restaurant once a week, things got a little chippy. After being asked if his suspension for elevated testosterone and guilty plea in criminal court are now behind him, Sonnen got quite upset.

Here's a transcript of the end of the call.

Canzano: You came on the show a couple years ago, since that time you've had the Anderson Silva fight, you got the suspension for the testosterone levels, you got the guilty plea in the mortgage fraud thing in 2011...how much of that stuff is behind you? How much of that stuff are you still dealing with?

Sonnen: Uh...It's all behind me. I've never been in any sort of mortgage fraud, I'm not sure where you guys get that term up. But every time I come on your show you make new things up...so. I guess it's good. I hope you're not still beating your wife, John.

Canzano: Oh c'mon. You didn't plead guilty to any kind of crime?

Sonnen: Well sure, but is that what you just said? Or did you state a crime, as you do every time I come on the show and say things that aren't true. And I said I hope that you still don't beat your wife.

Canzano: I said that you pled guilty to mortgage fraud...

Sonnen: Right, and I said that I hope you don't beat your wife and I was never even accused of mortgage fraud.

Canzano: What was it? Money laundering?

Sonnen: There you go!

Canzano: Okay, so it was money laundering. ...In connection to a mortgage.

Sonnen: But you can see the problem when I come onto your show and you make things up. Don't you see the problem when a hometown guy comes on and you make things up? This is why I don't like to do your show. You're unprepared, you're unprofessional.

Canzano: Look, I'm looking right here at the research. I'm looking at the case...

Sonnen: You're looking at the research?! I guarantee I know what you're looking at, you did Google. ANd I'm glad that you admitted it on the air that that's your level of research, John. You're about the most unprofessional guy there is. And, boy, I hope you're done beating your wife. Let's just call the interview over.

Canzano: Chael! Come on, man! Seriously?

*Sonnen hangs up*

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