Dana White has revealed that he is proud of the "awesome" support the UFC receives from Las Vegas casinos wagering bets on The Ultimate Fighter.

UFC is co-owned by casino bosses Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, and as such the promotion must be transparent in regards to how it does business and, more importantly, the legitimacy of its bouts.

Station Casinos, owned by the Fertittas, does not take bets on UFC contests, but other casinos do. White even announces betting lines for the The Ultimate Fighter: Live on his Twitter account each week, and told MMA Junkie that he is proud establishments in Las Vegas takes wagers on the company.

"One of the things I love... MGM, Mirage, The Venetian, the Las Vegas Hotel, Palms and a lot of other casinos are doing this thing where they're having The Ultimate Fighter inside the sportsbooks," he said.

"So you go in, and you watch the reality (show), and then you go up and make your bet before the fight starts. They're all doing it. I think it's awesome that the casinos are supporting The Ultimate Fighter and doing that."

White also responded to claims that UFC was suffering a downturn after problems with fighters Alistair Overeem and Nick Diaz: "It's a down 11 years! This is what I deal with every day. Are you kidding me?

"Every day when I get up, there's so many things that are going on … A lot of this recent stuff is just public. Believe me, walk around the Zuffa offices seven days a week, and see what's going on in there. There's always something crazy going on."

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