A few days ago, Rousimar ‘Toquinho’ Palhares was widely considered nigh-on unbeatable and close to a middleweight title shot, with his reputation for severely damaging opponent’s knee joints meaning that there were plenty of UFC middleweights who didn’t want to be matched with him.

But Alan Belcher not only accepted the fight, he sought it out, and when he got in there with him he happily accepted the ground fight and went jits for jits with Palhares. The end result was astonishing - Belcher escaped several leglock attempts, tried a ‘twister’ crank of his own, then took top position and battered Palhares to a TKO win.

Suddenly Palhares has had his aura dimmed and he possibly has to start looking at making his game less predictable. While he was coming to terms with this, he was visited by Vinny the Chin, who has watched both Ali G and Bloodstain Lane and decided to cross the two.

Despite the somewhat hackneyed approach, the interview is actually a good one and pretty revealing in places. Palhares isn’t usually a big talker but he comes out of his shell a bit, possibly shocked into speech by the Jersey Shore escapee holding the microphone:

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