The Korean Zombie: American women don't like Asian men

You were on a variety show with Arianny Celeste last year. What did you think of her?
Obviously, Arianny is very attractive and a beautiful. It's tough for me to approach her though, because my English isn't great and I've heard that American women aren't into Asian men. But, yeah, I like her. (laughs)

Your manager, Brian Rhee, recently said that Tri-Coasta, the maker of your famous Korean Zombie T-shirt, is "screwing" you. Can you explain what is going on between you and the brand right now?
We're pursuing legal action at the moment, so my lawyer has advised me not to comment on the matter. As much as I'd like to talk about it, I can't really say anything about it. I will, however, say that they do owe me money. And, no, I am no longer affiliated with them. Also, TrauMMA Combat has released a new Korean Zombie shirt. So, if anyone is interested in supporting me in that way, definitely but the new shirt from TrauMMA Combat.

Why do you think people like you so much as a fighter?
Honestly, I think I've been lucky. Whether it's the "Twister", or the seven-second KO, I've been lucky enough to be in some great fights that the fans seem to have really enjoyed it. I don't know if I can really take credit or that I did something special to make those things happen.

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