Rampage Jackson want to leave UFC: “UFC’s just throwing me all these boring fighters”

“After I leave the UFC, I’m done with them! Just like when I left PRIDE. You remember when I left PRIDE? It’s over. I was very loyal to PRIDE. I fought for PRIDE, and I fought the way I fought to put butts in seats. I took risks, slammed people and stuff like that. PRIDE did a good job. They built me up. I wasn’t that good when I first came out. I fought Sakuraba and they built me up and then threw me in some tough fights. That’s the way you’re supposed to do it. Now, the UFC, I was a better fighter when I came there. My second fight, they throw me to Chuck Liddell. The fans didn’t know who I was. I knocked him out, the fans booed me. That changed me, who I am towards the fans. I used to be the nicest guy towards fans. My first time getting booed. How are you going to boo somebody for knocking somebody out? But I got a whole other opinion on that. And now, the UFC’s just throwing me all these boring fighters, these game planners, these wrestlers. I’m the type of fighter who you should match up with people who want to fight excitingly. You know what I’m saying? because I’m going to be the type of fighter who puts butts in seats.”

Rampage comments while on Inside MMA.

Rampage currently has one fight left on his UFC contract and after he’s done with that he claims his time In the company is over.

Rampage was supposed to fight Shogun Rua however due to a knee injury Jackson had to get treated that match up never came to be.

What do you think Jacksons next move will be after his time in the UFC is up ?

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