Pedro Rizzo On Fighting Fedor | “I’ve always imagined fighting him and it’s finally happening.”


Pedro Rizzo comments in an interview with TATAME.

Rizzo claims currently has no interest in returning to the UFC and that getting the win over Fedor is his number one priority.

“Honestly, I’m happy about fighting Fedor, because it’s a big challenge fighting him, especially in Russia. It’s going to be crazy, but I guess that craziness is slit in pressure. On the ring it’s me and him. I guess UFC is small now. My dream now is to win this thing, which is huge for me and my career and my will as a competitor. I don’t think about returning to the UFC in case I beat him. I have a couple of fights ahead of me, so I have him and another one, but I got to defeat him first. I’m so glad about fighting Fedor I’m not thinking about UFC, I’m just thinking about this fight.”

“Fighting a guy I’ve always watched fighting, I’ve always imagined fighting him and it’s finally happening.”

“That’s the fighting business. I’ve been on a better momentum and he has been better once too. To me, he’s the same fighter he was at Pride. People say he’s seedy, but I disagree. I guess he’s at the same level. He’s a guy who’s fighting for a long time and sometimes you lose. I guess one thing that is changed about Fedor is his mind. When you’re a champion and you beat everybody you think you’ll always win. That’s 60, 70 percent of the fight. It’s about confidence. When he had his first loss to Fabricio (Werdum), his confidence was broken. Then he was defeated by Bigfoot and then Dan Henderson. He’s a really tough guy, a tough fight and I believe it’s going to be a great bout because at the same time he doesn’t want to let people down, so do I.”

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