Melendez On Thompson | “I want to destroy this guy.”

Melendez comments on how he felt when he was initially matched with Josh Thompson as well as his goals in the sport.

“Initially, I wasn’t the most thrilled about it, but it is what it is. I’m cool with it. Now that I accepted that it’s going down, I’m looking forward to the challenge,”

“I’ve got my motivation. I just look to my family, I look to my team, I look to my fans, and those people that really support me in what I’m doing. I just have to re-think my goals a little bit. My goal was to become the UFC champ and that might be put on hold for a little bit,”

“So now my goal is to do my best, become a better mixed martial artist, and put on a show for the fans, and represent my team well. That’s what motivates me and so does the paycheck, so let’s do it.”

“Of course I want to finish Josh. I want bad intentions towards him; I want to destroy this guy. I want to make a statement,”

“But if a great fighter shows up and it’s a war, then it’s a war. I don’t plan on sitting back and cruising through a victory, sitting on a lead or something like that. I want to take some risks and I plan on it.”

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