Lyoto Machida Would Have Taken Middleweight Bout To Stay Busy

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida had another shot at the title at UFC 140 against Jon Jones, but got choked out in the second round. Four months later he was still waiting for another fight and was apparently starting to get antsy. He was recently booked against TUF 9 winner Ryan Bader at UFC on Fox 4 on August 4th but before that, he just wanted to fight. He was relieved by the Bader booking, and told Globo he was even willing to take a middleweight bout just to stay active (translation via Orcus):

I was ready to fight but the opportunity was not there. The division is lacking, it’s a bit mixed, and I didn’t know, right (who would be my next opponent)? I even had the intention of fighting at 185lbs so I wouldn’t lose the opportunity of keeping busy. I spoke to Ed Soares and (Jorge Guimarães), but they told me to be patient.

Look, I’m a guy that usually weighs at most 96kg (211lbs), so I don’t think there would be a problem fighting (at middleweight). My objective is to fight at (205lbs), but to make a fight at middleweight would not be a problem.

Obviously his friend and teammate Anderson Silva is the UFC middleweight champion though, so that seems like a Black House conflict of interest. Machida explains:

Anderson is a comrade of mine, a friend in my team. (Middleweight) is his, but I would take a fight to keep me busy. The important thing is to keep fighting, it’s the adrenaline. I would like to fight there, but only with the objective of keeping me busy.

I know Machida says that 185 is Anderson's, but Silva is 37 and could possibly retire not long from now. A middleweight Lyoto Machida is an enticing thought, and it's interesting that he believes he could make the cut. It's probably not something that's going to happen anytime soon, but would you like to see Machida at middleweight?

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