Jon Jones had two female passengers in his car when he crashed it into a telegraph pole earlier this month, according to various sources.

Jones was arrested on May 19 for Driving Under the Influence after a 5am crash in the state of New York. He has since entered a guilty plea to the charge and is awaiting sentence.

“Binghamton PD has confirmed there were two passengers in car with Jon Jones when he hit a pole on May 19. Jones pleaded guilty to DWI yest[erday],” tweets Sports Illustrated journalist Loretta Hunt. “I don't know the identities of two passengers yet. Working on it.”

But eleven days ago, later in the same day that the accident occurred on, a local resident had filmed the pole that Jones crashed into and had mentioned in the accompanying video description on YouTube that there were two female passengers. He also noted that Jones had a bloody nose from the crash.

"Jones was arrested for DWI and the 2 females in the car with him were taken to the hospital with facial injuries. Bones suffered a bloody nose when his airbag deployed and wasn't seriously hurt. His Bentley was totaled," the text reads.

"This video was taken approximately 8 hours after the accident and well after the Bentley was towed away. The voices you hear are people asking me if this is where the accident happened."

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