VIDEO: Frank Mir: JDS has no chance on the ground

Frank Mir made another move in his ongoing psychological warfare with Junior dos Santos, ahead of the upcoming UFC 146 main event clash in Las Vegas, Nevada. Frank Mir admitted JDS is a better boxer, but still stated that the Brazilian has no chance if the fight goes to the ground. Former champ also stated that dos Santos avoids ground game like it was poison, making it very clear that he will be looking to submit his opponent on May 26th:

Earlier this week, Frank Mir declared he's faster and hits harder than Junior dos Santos. Speaking via USAToday.com, JDS seemed irritated with Frank Mir's remarks, claiming that "only in his dreams" the Nevadan is faster and stronger:

"Frank Mir is dangerous. He's a fighter that needs to be taken seriously. But he's also a fighter that talks too much. His style of promoting fights is to just talk a lot. He previously said that he was faster than me. That's only in his dreams. Of course, he isn't faster than me. I'm faster. For sure I hit harder. And if the fight goes to rounds three or four or five, for sure I take the advantage."

Mir is well-known for playing mind games with his opponents; Cheick Kongo, Minotauro Nogueira and Brock Lesnar are perfect examples. One way or another, we will have to wait until May 26th to see whether Frank Mir's "intelligent trash talk" played any role in the match-up.

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