Diaz NSAC Hearing Over: Suspended For 12 Months Fined 30%

Today the Nevada State Athletic Commission heard the case of Nick Diaz.

In February Nick fought and lost against Carlos Condit for the UFC’s interim welterweight title. In the post-fight drug screening Diaz was found to have marijuana metabolites in his system and as a result has been put under fire as a rule violator.

After a lengthy stint of legal back and forth the two sides met today in Nevada to determine the fate of Mr. Diaz.

A brilliant defense was presented to the commission. One that brought expert testimony that refuted the interpretation of the rules and had it been a court of law, I have no doubt that based on the testimony Diaz would have been found innocent.

The real issue is whether or not Nick was using a banned substance in competition. The state of Nevada could not prove that Nick was using during his fight, but the defense could not prove against it either.

It was a lengthy hearing, the two sides argued the rulebook and facts of the case back and forth, however the NSAC is their own judge and jury and as a result are not liable to answer to anyone other than their own interpretation of the rules. So why would they rule against themselves you might ask. Is it even worth spending money or even showing up at the meeting. I say no.

Hell with the NSAC. If you get caught don't show up at the meeting. Don't answer a letter from them. Just do nothing. It won't effect your case anyway.

In the end Nick Diaz will not be able to compete in the State of Nevada until February 2013. He received a 12-month suspension and was fined 30% of his fight purse and bonus money.

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