Cain Velasquez Dominates Antonio Silva

Cain Velasquez defeated Antonio Silva via TKO (punches) at 3:36 of the first round

Former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez made quite a statement tonight with a thorough beating of Antonio Silva. He got Silva to the ground and busted him wide open with elbows, then continued to rain down blow after blow until Silva finally turtled up and Josh Rosenthal stepped in at the 3:36 mark of the first round.

Cain caught a leg kick and took it to the ground within five seconds. Bigfoot landed a nice upkick but Cain settled in to work in his guard. Velasquez opened up a big cut on Silva with a short elbow. Velasquez attacked the cut with more elbows and Bigfoot could barely see through all the blood. The referee stopped the bout to check the cut, but the doctor deemed Bigfoot good to continue.

The fight restarted on the ground and Cain worked his ground and pound. Cain went back to the elbows and seemed to cut him open even more. It was an absolute bloodbath. Cain took his back and landed some solid punches, but Bigfoot weathered the storm for a while until Cain got back into his guard. Velasquez continue to beat the tar out of Silva until the referee finally waved it off.

This was Velasquez' first bout since losing the UFC heavyweight title to Junior dos Santos last November. Silva was making his UFC debut after a run in Strikeforce.

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