Breaking News: Alan Belcher rushed to hospital - acute sick in megalomania

The UFC fighter Alan Belcher was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance today.

People close to him say that he started to feel strange after the Saturday night fight and they started to see some strange behavior.

His friends become really sure that he has been effected by the rare disease megalomania this afternoon when he made the following statement:


"There's a lot of guys I could fight,"

 "But seriously, while I'm on this roll right now, wouldn't it be a nice thing to see me fight Anderson Silva? I think I can knock him out."


We spoke to the doctors at the hospital and they said that they have never seen a more severe case of megalomania. He needs to be treated for a long time and be under observations at all times.

To the question if his disease is really that bad they replied:

"take a look at this picture the paramedics found in his hand in his pocket when he arrived and you tell us what you think"

After seeing the picture(se below) we can only agree with the doctors. He needs extensive medical care!











































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