Best comment of the month: "We need an RFL - Roid Fight League"

We just had to post this =)


"We need an RFL - Roid Fight League

It’s obvious that Reem can kick the ass of every other non-roided fighter in the world. Fans will never be able to see a non-roided champion in the UFC if Reem is still there— and every contender with half a chance will have to be on roids if they are to compete with Reem.

 Therefore we need an RFL — Roid Fight League

All the fighters in the Roid Fight League will be on roids, and then the fans will truly know if Reem can beat roided-out fighters.

The UFC can remain roid-free and the fans will then watch the UFC to see who the best non-roid fighters are.

by Future Marine on Apr 12, 2012 5:12 PM EDT reply   "

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