Alexander Yakovlev: “I think, Fedor will knock Rizzo out”

M-1 #1 welterweight contender Alexander Yakovlev(18-3) talks about his next fight, interesting matches on M-1 Challenge 32 tournament and predicts the outcome of Fedor – Rizzo fight


– How did you spend your time after your last fight?

– I took a break, went to Egypt. Sunny, sea and so on… Now I’m starting to train again, to be in a good shape

- Do you have any info about your next fights? Maybe not only in MMA, but in the other combat sports too

– Nothing certain yet, it’s only rumors at the moment, so I can’t say anything certain about it right now

- Are you going to visit M-1 Challenge 32 tournament is Moscow as a guest?

– Yes, I would definitely like to go there

- Which of the participants will be the most interesting for you? Who you will be cheering for?

– For all Russian fighters, as always. For all the fighters who represent Russia

- There will be a few title fights. Which one of them is the most interesting, in your opinion?

– I can’t say there is some title fight that is more interesting for me than the others. They all will be in other weight classes than mine. It there would be welterweight title match, it would be interesting for me, because some of these two fighters can be my future opponent. But in this case I like all title fights, nothing more, nothing less

- As we know, next Fedor’s fight will happen on June 21 in St.-Petersburg. What do you think, would it be possible that you will fight on this tournament?

– So, it’s June 21, right? I don’t know, I can’t say “yes” or “no” right now

- Pedro Rizzo is going to be Fedor’s opponent. How do you see this fight and it’s possible outcome?

– I think, Fedor is going to be prepared well enough to win this fight. About the outcome, I think it will be Fedor’s win either by KO or TKO. He’s been working on his striking technique a lot, he’s been in Holland, worked on muai thai skills. I think, he would like to try his new skills in the fight. It’s just my opinion, but I think he will knock Pedro out.


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