53-year old man beats 21-year old, on one hour's notice

One half of the most important MMA fight of all time, Stephan Bonnar, was live at an MMA show in Bourbonnais, IL this weekend, and recorded a fight out of the sport's Jurrasic era.

It used to be that if a matchmaker or promoter had a last minute drop out or otherwise needed to make a fight, he would get on the mic and ask if anyone in the audience wanted to fight.

Sometimes the guys that were willing were even sober. Obviously niceties, an AIDS tests for example, were bypassed in an attempt to keep the asses in seats happy.

Over time, regulation made this a thing of the past. However, like some Japanese soldier hiding in the Phillipine jungle fighting on decades after WWII ended, pockets of mayhem still remain.

This was the case in Illinois, which does not do an adequate job of regulating amateur MMA.

When the call went out on the mic during the Fire Extreme Championship at the Kankakee Fair Grounds in Illinois, a 53-year-old spectator named Tim Karaker stepped up and eventually defeated his 21-year old opponent an hour later.

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