Wanderlei Silva: God has been really good to me

Having come from where I came from, and being who I am, God has been really good to me. By giving me a gift, with which, I've built up my entire life. I am very proud of that.

And I hope to awaken this gift in an entire generation.

I've heard many people say they started to watch MMA after they saw a fight of mine. Or after they met me. There are people who watch my videos to train. There's the guys, who don't know who I am, then look at my fight and say 'Wow, who is this guy? I'm going to cheer for him!'

Some people identify with the way I talk. I am a person who has a lot of friends. Through my work I've built a legion of friends around the world.

This is another philosophy of the Silva - 'Who has friends is never alone.' With so many fiends, I know I will never be alone.

They follow me, they motive me, they fight for me. I'm very grateful for having all of these guys with me.

And I'm happy when I give them the joy they deserve. When it's fight time, that's my biggest pressure - to please those who like me.

I take that responsibility, and every day I win the fight a little bit more.

… I will represent

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