Fight Video: Buakaw Banchamek Destroys Latest Opponent

If like us you are fond of some Muay Thai and K-1 kickboxing as part of your fightsport diet, you might have been following the recent trials and tribulations of Buakaw Banchamek nee Por. Pramuk.

The fighter formerly known as Buakaw Por. Pramuk split ways with the Por Pramuk team recently amid allegations that he was being treated improperly and had been the victim of financial irregularity - like most thai boxers, Buakaw grew up in the camp and lived in its dormitories, with the management handling his income and earnings.

Having gone AWOL and off-radar for a bit he then popped up with a new gym all of his own, courtesy of his sponsors Yokkao Fight Gear. He had long been scheduled to fight on the major Thai Fight event in Pattaya this past weekend but his appearance was thrown into doubt because of his issues with the Por. Pramuk camp.

There were allegations his safety was under threat for going public with his allegations against Por. Pramuk but he was also under fear of arrest for taking part in the event. But in the end he decided to go ahead - much to the detriment of his opponent, who took one of the worst beatings Buakaw has dished out in year.


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