Victor Conte Says More Than 50% Of Elite MMA Fighters Use Performance Enhancing Drugs

Victor Conte's name isn't the cleanest in all the land, but when it comes to performance enhancing drugs, he knows his stuff. Conte, the former creator of BALCO (which was the center of the huge pro-sports PED firestorm), has been working with pro fighters for a bit now and has been plenty outspoken on his opinion that the fight game needs cleaning up.

Earlier today, Conte was asked by Dr. Johnny Benjamin about how many high level mixed martial artists he believes are using PED's and this was his response:

Victor Conte
Over RT @DrJCBenjamin: @VictorConte I'd LOVE to know you insight on this question- Over or under 50% of elite MMA fighters take PEDs?


The reaction from many is going to be a predictable "why should we believe him? He's a scumbag!" or something similar. But the truth is, it's worth taking the opinion of a man who knows a lot about a subject, and Conte is an expert on PEDs. That doesn't mean he is right, but he certainly has a fair amount of insight into athletic usage of such substances


In the wake of Alistair Overeem's positive test for elevated testosterone, Conte was on The MMA Hour and was asked if he believes that Overeem could have naturally had a 14:1 level and had this to say:

"He knows whether he was doing testosterone or not. At a level of 14/1, you do see some up like Kizer said, maybe 5 or 5.2 -- there have been some cases where there's been up in the eights and nines and tens, and I think there's even been a natural at 13. But he's the only one that knows whether he was using or not. My opinion, and that's all it is, is that he's as guilty as a three-dollar bill."




For the record we would like to stat the Victor Conte is totally wrong. The number are closer to 90%.

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