"UFC Europa" is very possible in the near future

“UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta and I are coming up with some ideas on how to do more events so that we can feed these markets that are dying for it. The UK keeps terrorizing us, Ireland is part of it… A guy here tonight was asking about Norway, Germany we haven't been back to, every time we go to Australia, it's insane,” Dana White said.

One problem the UFC has encountered in moving across the globe is that time zones affect broadcast times back home in the US. It learned via its UK expansion that it is very hard to sell pay-per-view shows in the middle of the afternoon, while playing them on tape-delay also seems to lower the buys.

Previously, the UFC was opposed to the idea of regional variations of its product. It also frowned on the idea of regional or national champions. But lately a volte-face has been done on both of those ideas and now it seems the germs of a tiered system have been planned. One UFC executive said recently that a ‘UFC Europa’ was “very possible” in the near future.

“We've talked about doing two shows at the same time,” says White of plans to stage an event in Europe and then an event later that day in the US, which is between six and ten hours behind the US depending which two points you are measuring between.

“We've talked about doing a lot of stuff. But one of the things you guys have got to understand, the hardest part is the infrastructure. It's creating all this new talent, and it's not just fighters. It's commentators, it’s Buffer's position, cameramen - all the things that go along with putting on the event that we put on. It's a lot of work.”

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