UFC 145: Mike Van Arsdale Says Rashad Evans is '100 Times Harder To Wrestle Than Ryan Bader'

"The fight, all these fights, come down to distance, and who controls where the fight goes, so...controlling where the fight goes is called wrestling. So this is a wrestling-based sport. The striking is there, and when you're doing your striking that's how you're controlling the distance, so the transition between striking and wrestling will determine who wins the fight. Whoever can perform the transition best will win." "Rashad is 100 times harder to wrestle than Ryan Bader in MMA." "Because I just said it. Whoever controls the transition, and whoever is good at that will be good at MMA, and Bader's not very good at it. I'm not saying anything bad about him but he's working on some of the wrong things, and Rashad's faster than Ryan Bader. And Rashad, when you shoot on Rashad Evans, it feels like he weighs maybe 400 pounds. It's really hard to take him down. Ryan Bader looks really, really strong, but he's not as strong as he looks."

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