Siyar Bahadurzada Ready to Fight Again After ‘Dream' UFC Debut

"This is really huge for me," "To knockout Paulo Thiago in my UFC debut, that was the greatest debut I could ever wish. It happened and it was a dream." "Wow, (in) Afghanistan I have been all over the news the last two days," Bahadurzada gushed. "All the TV channels have reported the news that I won my fight in the UFC. Afghanistan is going crazy right now. "I always believed in myself, that one day I would fight in the big league and I would prove myself. This is exactly what's happening right now and it's a kind of relief for me." About the post knockdown situation: "I knocked somebody out one time (and it was) exactly the opposite," Bahadurzada remorsefully explained. "He came in like Paulo Thiago came, but he didn't (fall) face down, he went back. I turned around and I walked to celebrate my fight, and the guy stood back up. And then I had to fight him again and he did this turning kick, he almost knocked me out. "That's exactly what happened to my Paulo Thiago fight. If you see me, first when I knocked him out, I looked at him, I walked away, and all of a sudden I turned back. I was like, ‘I don't want Paulo Thiago to stand back up,' so I went back to him with my hands raised, ready to attack him again if he gets up. But then I saw that he was lying on the ground still, so I sat on my knees to pay respect and get up with him at the same time." "I wish to fight another top-10 fighter," Bahadurzada finished with a smile. "I want to get to the title as fast as possible. I'm ready for this."

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