Phil Davis on Jon Jones: “I don’t think he’s necessarily any better than any of the other champions”

“You know, I tend to shy away from answers like this, just because everyone is so skilful in their own regard. I definitely think he’s a very talented champion, but just to be the best in the world says a lot about it. I don’t think he’s necessarily any better than any of the other champions. But that’s just from a competitor’s standpoint. I’m sure the fans would say something different.”

“I think up until Jones became the champion, a lot of people thought, ‘Oh, this is just another young guy.’ And, they went out to, basically, to really beat him. Whereas, if you take away the people fighting Georges St. Pierre, it’s very tactical, it’s not necessarily — everyone is in it to beat him, don’t get me wrong, but a lot of times, it’s a slower pace. It’s very methodical. It’s not going for the kill. Which, I feel Jones has had as his advantage that people are coming right at him. It’s easy to meet a fight head on. But a lot of times, guys are just looking to choose shots and, you know, pot shots whenever they can. It’s a lot tougher, and I think he’ll get that now that people realize that he’s a force to be reckoned with in the division.”

“That loss was good for me. Sometimes, you don’t know where you’re at, until you have a loss. Now I know where I’m at, and it gave me a lot to improve on. It’s a great starting point to go next with where I want to improve, to get to the belt.”

“In a hypothetical world, I would fight someone, definitely before the end of the summer. Probably sometime this summer. But, until you get bout contracts, there’s plenty of room for change. Nothing’s ever for sure.”

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